Creating a Winning Image for NASA's "Best in the Federal Government" Nebula Cloud Computing Program
NASA's Ames Research Center: Nebula Cloud Computing Program with Dell Federal Government Services
Communication Strategy, Content Development, and Internal Communication

Cloud Computing
Open Government

The White House calls NASA's Nebula Cloud Computing Program "an innovative path" in Federal Government IT. The Nebula platform allows NASA to process, store and upload thousands of high-resolution images and over 100 terabytes of data. The Nebula team has also taken a leadership role in developing Openstack, a revolutionary open source partnership.

My writing communicates Nebula's capabilities to NASA's science/mission professionals so they understand the resources available to them to compute more effectively. My content development efforts include blog creation, web content development, media response strategy, and writing responses for calls for papers, academic articles and internal strategic documents. I am responsible for communication planning; looking for new ways to showcase the Nebula achievement and drive new users.